Was braving untimely mood swings, yearning for food, stress not enough that now you have to do the tedious task of moving as well. Moving is a stressful job and when you are expecting a child, be it your first child or second child, your first month or fifth of pregnancy, moving in pregnancy is like having a lot on your plate. You can do some simple things to keep yourself stress-free in these times.

We are here with some simple tips for you for a stress-free moving during pregnancy:

  1. Make your to-do-list

To make sure that moving isn’t stressful for you, make your checklist. Plan your task to avoid any sort of hassle in the end days. Complete one task in a day and start packing many days before your moving day. By doing so, you can avoid lots of stress and headaches and carry on everything smoothly. Don’t forget to add the task of labeling the boxes in your to-do-list so that you can unpack the essential items first that you will need as soon as you relocate.

  1. Ask for a helping hand

You might be advised by your doctors to avoid lifting heavy weights. Lifting heavy weight or lifting more than advisable weight might be harmful to you and your child. You can ask your friends or relatives to help you with packing. I am sure that no one would be reluctant to help you in these times. You can arrange a packing party for friends and relatives to make this tedious task a fun task. By doing so, you can spend some more time with your loved ones.

If it fits in your budget you can hire helpers. For instance, you can hire or take the help of school or college students in packing and cleaning. They would be happy to help and they would be able to earn some money as well. Or you can hire professional packers to avoid any kind of stress.

  1. Consult your doctor

It is very important to consult your doctor while moving. Your doctor knows everything about your medical condition and would be looking forward to resolving all your queries. You will also have to consult a new doctor in the area you are moving to. Research new doctors near your new house online before you have shifted there. You may ask your current doctor to recommend a reputed doctor and hand over your medical files to the new doctor. This is an imperative step as you might need a doctor as soon as your move there.

Also, avoid moving near your expected dates of delivery. Schedule your dates before that.

  1. Hire a moving company

Hiring a moving company can save you from lifting all the heavyweight. They will do most of the task and you will be left with the minimal task to do and you can be stress-free. That means your moving will not be as hectic as you thought it to be if you hire a moving company. Research moving companies in your area. Let them survey the house, virtually or physically to get a quote. For instance, if you are moving out of Sacramento, a cheap moving company in Sacramento would also be of great advantage to you. A cheap moving company implies that you can save money for a rainy day out of your moving expenses. Schedule your move according to your comfort and instruct the helpers to keep your belongings in their desired place. You can label your boxes to make it easy for them.

  1. Don’t over-stress yourself

Moving while pregnancy can be extremely stressful for you. But you need certain things to control your stress and take care care of your body. During these times, do such things that excite you and keep you happy. If you like dining out with your friends, go for that. Go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air to feel fresh and energetic all day long. Read a book to de-stress yourself. Give yourself a day off and relax. Book yourself a salon session, or a spa session, anything that calms your nerves and makes you stress-free. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and no one would like to put on stress in those times. So while you perform all the tedious tasks, do something to relax and rest.

  1. Avoid wardrobe malfunction

On your day of moving, avoid wearing such clothes that might make you uncomfortable and sweaty. Wear light cotton clothes to avoid itchiness. It is not at all a wise decision to wear clothes that make you uncomfortable even if you are not pregnant. Therefore, you can imagine the extent of irritation you will feel in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

  1. Eat well

You will be very busy in your moving days but don’t forget to eat. Now you have to eat for two people, one is you, and the second is your baby. Keep stock of food near you and eat properly. Keep protein-rich and ready-to-eat food with you since it won’t be possible for you to cook again and again in such a busy schedule. Put some healthy snacks in a cooler to take with you so you can eat healthy food during your journey as well. Though you will find food outlets your way, it’s good to be prepared in advance. Also if you can manage, then cook one or two meals that you can have in your new house. Moreover, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated on the day of moving. Take proper care of yourself, eat and drink on time to stay active.

  1. Don’t forget your essentials

Make sure that you carry your pregnancy essential on your way to your new home. You can take a bag in which you can keep all the essential items required. Make a list of all the essential items so you don’t forget them and pack it one day before your move. The list must include essentials that will help you on your first day in your new house along with essentials that will make your journey bearable. Keep it separate from your belongings to be loaded in the truck.